Who is achevx?

Achievement & Excellence (AchevX) is a Saudi-based company operating in Riyadh, the central province and the capital city of Saudi Arabia. AchevX’s strength is embedded in its diverse and experienced team in information and communication technology (ICT) We have foreseen the need of quality IT service provider in the Saudi ICT market and planned to cope with the industrial and technological revolution of Saudi Arabia.

Operational and Process Outsourcing

In today's organization need to define strategies,methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

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Business and Function Solutions

There are many products but there is only one solution for each one of our customers. Companies are looking to simplify the way they do business.

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Business Consulting Services

Management Consulting AchevX can help you maintain your current assets and meet new challenges ahead in a manner that is best aligned with your business.

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Information Technology Services

AchevX (ITS) Division provides our clients with the following services: RFID Solutions that is used to identify, track and trace objects using radio waves,Network and IT.

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Banking Technology Services

AchevX and our partners have further relevant experience with the integration of General Ledger platforms with Risk Management data warehouses or marts.

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Web Technology Services

AchevX is the place where business expertise meets web design and development.We offer more than simply designing and developing websites.

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